About Us

Armenian Association of Family Physicians

Non - Governmental Organization was established in 1999, December3, by the faculty of the “Chairs of Family Medicine” of the Yerevan State Medical University and the National Institute of Health of the MoH of RA and the residents and physicians from rural ambulatories (from Marzes), completing specialization in Family Medicine.
The NGO was registered in the Ministry of Justice of RA according to the resolution No. 322 dated on 16.02.2000 (State registration certificate No. 1451)

Our motto: Healthy family, healthy nation

Our perspective: Family medicine for the health of life of an individual, family and community.


Promotion of the improvement of quality of life and health of an individual, families and the community through:

  • Achieving higher professionalism of specialists
  • Propagation of family medicine
  • Education
  • Providing services
  • Dissemination information



  • the establishment of Family medicine in Armenia
  • improvement of public policy in Family medicine-related aspects
  • improvement of population health
  • continuing medical education and research in Family medicine
  • availability and accessibility of the continuous and quality medical care
  • involvement of the community population in making decisions in public health problems

Acivity areas:

We are active in

  • Family medicine
  • Public policy
  • Qualification of specialists
  • Services

Activity Forms:

  • Training
  • Education
  • Information dissemination
  • Ideology propaganda
  • Research
  • Providing medical services